my morning dew~
But let me tell you, NEVER, EVER EVER EVER for one second be jealous of that which you do not have! Or which you want in exchange for what you have in your life right now. Cause May is now very very missing home. On a night like tonight, 10 pm, alone, listening to music alone in my dorm, I am feeling very melancholic.

Emo, some would say, yeah, but I can't help it. I just can't help but think that I don't have my family here. Family who knows me, who understands me, who can share inside jokes with me. Especially to share inside jokes with me!!!
Why do I suddenly feel this way?
Cause I watched vampire diaries. I'm watching it now on PPS. Sort of addicted. Until I missed one class. Didn't realise got class, actually, hehe, but don't tell my parents!! SHSHHH!!!
Anyway, the class was quite simple and teacher didn't take attendance!! So YEAY!! I have been protected this time!!
Will do my best to not be so blur next time!!

I watching vampire diaries mostly with Sweet, but she is new to it, and she doesn't yet understand everything. And I have to explain. And she doesn't know the past episodes what happened, so I am thinking about how I can discuss with my brother while we watched it on 8TV. So I get sad. I can't talk to them. If I continue talking about this, I might cry.

So, moving on,
I went out yesterday and bought a pair of flats for 18pounds and a bag for 13pounds!
I know it's kind of expensive, guys, but I have no choice. It's sooooo comfortable and seemingly good quality for the flats, brand is barratts. It's a UK brand, I think. And the bag, I need a sling bag cause I don't want to carry my backpack around everywhere. So ma fan to take out my purse from backpack all the time everytime u need to buy stuff u know!?!?!

I'm still thinking of buying the boots in Barratts which costs from 45 to 55, which is expensive to me, but good quality. SIghghhh parents still in Europe so cant ask them. This is for winter, so I need it!! haha

Will try to upload my stuff pics, and pics of when my parents were around, and we went around and took pics. I haven't taken any pictures since I came with my camera. Too lazy/busy with homework. So sorry!!

I know I most probably have written another essay, and I don't know if anyone will read this since my blog seems to be dead, but I need to express my feelings now. Please do forgive me, my friends, if I always ffk u guys when u see me on skype or msn, cause it never seems to be the right time. Like I always online only cause I need to check my homework stuff, and these stuff are auto sign-ins. I will try to talk to you guys, but I am still very busy, so I hope you will forgive me if I never seem to be free.

thanks to those who have read this entire blog. I will not scroll up to see how much I have typed. Scared I laugh cause it's too long. hehe.

i have expressed myself, it seems!

Good night! I have been typing non-stop for 10 minutes!! HAhah

May.                                                                                                           I love you guys so much!! mUACKS!!!

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