my morning dew~
Ling Ling here! Yeay, my visa done edy!!! As in apply already, but have to wait for it to be approved LOL!!
I had a nap from 4.30 to 6.30 just now and woke up feeling so hyper I could break a wall!(figuratively speaking only, of course) So I woke up at 5am this morning!!! The dedication I have for my visa application! And reached there bout 6.15am. And the centre wasn't even opened yet! And I was like number 12 man!!!
Worse still, I heard from the second girl that she came at 4.30am =.= I was really speechless. The first guy talked to no one so I still have no idea what time he came. This is all really new to me because I felt like one of those fans who's trying to get the iPad in Singapore and has to camp outside the shop till they open, and whn I do get there, I discover I'm not the only one there!!!

Gah com lag now so It's frustrating trying to sms and chat with Nicolas and twitter and blog and check mail at the same time! But anyway, I waited till open shop at 8 like that, my turn at bout 9.30? Then check documents, went up to the 19th floor, and took another number, waited till bout 11. Handed in my documents, waited AGAIN till 11.30 like that to give my biometrics. Scanning was fun and I had to stare at the CCTV for 5 seconds on the ceiling like a suspect so they can get me on camera. All the while the officer was counting down for me:"One, Two, Three, Four, Five.." LOL. Oh! Also got like in airport security check where she asked me put up my hands and the detecting rod goes beep, beep! Before I could go in. It was, in my opinion, quite ridiculous. But funny at the same time. I would think that Ridiculous situations are often Funny, but I was just tooooo bored of waiting. Went OU and bought shoes for uK. 

I met a girl there who has been studying at Manchester for 3 years already: degree in Law(Jo, this is for you haha) and she's doing an extension of her visa to study Masters in Law there too. (Jo, I know you might be excited!!! I hope you are)
So she was telling me these advices and stories of the people there. It was nice listening to her: a "senior" in the UK telling her experiences :D

So it seems I have been writing an essay. so I will stop.

Before that, a little explanation why I chose this blog's name:
The morning dew happens early in the morning when the sky has just woken up and you might be able to hear the birds chirping and the wind softly blowing the trees. This is when the world wakes up. You go out, breathe in the fresh air, humid and cool and full of life. Feel the wind brushing your hair across your face, and you marvel at the wonder of the world. It's extraordinary beauty in a seemingly ordinary world, lighted up by the rays of light from the sun. It is during these moments, I really thank God for His creation(among them, Me!) and realise how beautiful the world is. You feel the sense of peace that comes with the wind and maybe even get a little reminiscent. I hope that this blog will be one where you can laugh with me, feel what I feel and share what you may feel, despite whatever the world brings. Because you know that no matter what, you have that morning dew to look forward to.

Sorry if Ling Ling bore you today with her essay :D
She long time didn't write essay already, so please forgive her. AAhahah

Ling Ling.(This name is for today only!DO NOT call me by this!!)

         *Don't forget to Appreciate that which is close
to you which you do not realise.

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