my morning dew~
LOL the first thing that came to mind when I felt like posting something was:" Does anyone even read this 'dead' blog anymore??" hahha
anyhow, I felt like posting something. Like really short. And most likely I'll continue posting really really short stuff. Because it saves time, and because sometimes I just really need to get something out without the whole world seeing it. Like on facebook or something xD

So, I'm learning not to care now. Caring too much hurts. And I like caring. But sometimes, when you're ignored enough, or you feel like people just don't see you, whether for who you are or for whatever you did, you just HAVE TO learn to not care. 

Therefore, I don't care if you don't wanna talk to me sometimes. I don't care if you ignore me. I don't care if you think that I'm weird. I don't care that you will only come find me when you wanna talk to me, or when you're in the mood, or when you need me. Because I still love you no matter what. And not caring is just my way of accepting whoever you're becoming despite how I'm feeling. I'm learning to not care. It's hard, because when you care, you can't just NOT care! But it's definitely not impossible, and I know that in time, things may turn back to normal.

I had one of those moments where I just thought of how you once touched my heart, and it gives me a sense of hope and gladness. Because I got to know you. I don't care what happens, but whatever happened that day, whatever you did to touch me, I'll remember it forever.

I may feel down sometimes, but I'm really glad to have known you, to have you by my side, comforting me, and you knowing just the right words to say, it really makes a difference in my life :)
I really thank God for putting you in my life.

You're the blanket I need when the cold is creeping up to my bones; the window that shields me from the outside when everyone just wants something from me; the bag I need when the things I need to hold responsible for is getting out of hand.

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because no matter how I'm feeling, I know that there will be someone out there who thinks the world of me, and who knows me for who I am, and most importantly, accepts me for who I am. Despite how I may change through the passing of time.

                                                                       I'm captivated by you <3

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