my morning dew~
Whenever you feel down, or that the earth isn't spinning properly on its axis, never forget that happiness is so within so grasp!! All you need to do is to LAUGH. Laugh the tears away! Laugh all your worries and frustration and stress away! It will be gone with the wind! I can promise you!! Of course not all problems can be solved by just laughing once or twice. It may take years of laughter and a little smart move on your part to solve the problem, but the end result is the same!! YOU will be HAPPY!!!!! Oh, and also GLAD!!! and RELIEVED!!!

Why am I saying this? Cause my dear jo is feeling stressed. And nervous. When she doesn't have to be! Just go, watch your TBBT and HIMYM!!!! And laugh everything away! Not laugh until you forget what the problem is, yea. But laugh till your headache and such is gone!! And you are left feeling refreshed! Rejuvenated! Full of life! And laughter!!!

Life holds sooooo much promises for people who NEVER GIVE UP! And for people who always say:"I CAN DO IT!!" Also, for people who LAUGH....


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