my morning dew~
Hi all readers of this blog! May Ling here! Just wanna share about my visa stuff before I apply for it on wednesday and wait for at most 15 days and then fly off to Edinburgh! I am currently preparing my visa stuff! Oh, I've said that already. Moving on, I have to photostat an exact copy of what I shall be showing the visa collecting people on wednesday! So I can finally breathe a sigh of relief!! Whew!! Wait, that's not long enough. Let's try again, shall we? "Wheeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww, pheeeewwwww, phew phew phew!!!"
There, that's better!

I am sighing with relief because I no longer have to fret! About visa I mean. Someone is helping me!! :)
So I can go on wednesday, not needing to worry about it being rejected. Ho-ho-ho!

All right! Moving on AGAIN!
Tomorrow's National Day! Holiday!! Can relax with my family (I hope everyone will be home) and maybe go shopping (if the shops are open) and breathe in the fresh air of independence!!!(I mean this both literally and not-so-literally in the sense that we really are celebrating independence from being ruled by external forces, and independence from responsibilities, frustrations, so on and so forth. Even if it's just for a day.)

Sometimes I really see how lucky and blessed I am. I have a great family, a great life, and a Father who loves me and constantly reminds me of His presence: In the things that I do, in the beauty of the world He has made and through the little trials in life that I face. I can only be glad and be joyful! I sometimes even feel like jumping around and start dancing!! Hee-hee!!

Oh well,
It's really been a while since I am able to share my thoughts. And I'm loving it.

My next post, hopefully, will be about my blog's name. Slightly about it.

Till we meet again,
May <3

i want a chatbox here to spam :(( i'm gonna misss uuuu!


my comment disappeared :((( WHYYYY
I want a chatboxxxx to spammmm! i'm gonna misss uuuu!!


LOL your comment didnt disappear ah. its here hahaha. Come on jo, dun make me cry!!! I just made visa today, btw!!!


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